How a 20-something girl keeps up in the daily office jungle

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How the dark triads can help your career

Have you ever heard of the dark triads? They are 3 distortions which are found in a person’s character. The 3 dark triads are Narcissism , Machiavellianism and Psychopathy. They have certain characteristics which, at first glance, can be very helpful to climb up the career ladder. Continue reading


Branding and job hunting: more good advice from another source

Always Be Job Hunting

Always Be Job Hunting is all about personal branding. It tells you how I’ve built my brands over a 35-year-plus career so that I’ve only been out of work for a month in all that time.

But personal branding isn’t solely my idea and it’s refreshing for me to see other jobs experts writing about the topic as well.Young stylish businessman

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How to create a signature look

What are you wearing today? And what did you wear yesterday? Some business-like outfit, right? Suit, dress, heels, perhaps jeans on a Friday? Very professional, the way it is expected in corporate America. Unfortunately, your colleague dresses about the same way. If you look around, you’ll probably see that most people are dressed the same way. Quite comforting but it doesn’t make you stand out at all. Continue reading

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Everything you need to know about getting a mentor

Whether you read a career blog or a personal success book, they all predict the same thing: get yourself a mentor. A good mentor can introduce you to the people you like to meet, get you job opportunities and advise you on how to approach things. All the more reason to find yourself a mentor today. But how do you start? You cannot just approach anyone and ask to be your mentor. So here’s a step by step guide to get yourself the mentor you want. Continue reading


6 MUST DO’s to create a sustainable network

Did you know that more than 50% of job openings are filled, not by publishing a vacancy, but through an insider’s network? Whether you are job hunting, looking for new clients or trying to get promoted, the first people you turn to are the ones in your network. You start talking to family, friends and coworkers, hoping that they can give you a lead on anything they are aware of. But what if your network isn’t that big? Or what if your regular family/friends/college buddies pursue a completely different career? How do you collect people in your network who can actually mean something to your future career? Continue reading