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How far would you go?


A few days ago, I stumbled onto an article about Chinese woman who’s career seems to be ending when they turn 30. At that age, they are getting replaced by younger versions of themselves. In order to prevent this, those woman turn to plastic surgery en masse.

So what about the Western world? After all the United States is still front runner in cosmetic surgery, with Brazil as first runner up. Are woman having surgery to prevent themselves from being fired or replaced? Is beauty a necessity to make it in the corporate world? After all, most female CEO’s seem pretty beautiful to me. Is it harder to make a career when you do not have the looks? And would it be worth it to do something about that?

Personally, I have never met someone who had plastic surgery to boost her career. Nor have I ever considered it myself. I do believe that, in contrast with China, looking too young is more of disadvantage for a woman – or a man, for that matter. After all, it is expected that you only graduate from college in your mid 20’s and it’s very normal to travel for a year or such whenever you finally get your certificate. So anyone who looks very young would probably be considered “inexperienced”.

But what if you don’t look too young or too old but you look tired or a bit puffy. Would you consider fillers if your colleagues notice that you always look tired? After all, looking tired is not considered an advantage in a high performance work environment. And what’s the harm in a non-permanent filler or a little botox to enlighten your face. Just enough to give you back that young enthusiastic look. The one you had at 20 when you were still able to work through the night without feeling like you had been hit by a bus the next morning.

So how far would you go? Is plastic surgery an acceptable weapon in the war for that executive job? Or should we just be promoted because of what we do and not because of how we look? And do you really believe that is how the world turns?


Author: Careeristagirl

Career girl, living and working in a big city, trying to stand up in a man dominated office world!

2 thoughts on “How far would you go?

  1. At 50+ I keep trying for put-together, dignified and distinguished to go along with my reputation as a solutions ninja. I don’t believe I’m judged on what I look like nearly as much as for what I can do for a client. I highly doubt a wrinkle or under eye baggage is going to sabotage me – at least not in the industries I work in. I trust healthy self-image has more to do with one’s career than many would suspect. All that said…. I love the fact you are thinking about tomorrow and not just today. Smart career move.

    • I love your opinion on this. I also believ that a healthy self image can be a real boost to both your career and personal life. “Beauty from within” may sound as a cliche but I truly think your vibe can determine the way people see you.

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