How a 20-something girl keeps up in the daily office jungle

How to create a signature look

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What are you wearing today? And what did you wear yesterday? Some business-like outfit, right? Suit, dress, heels, perhaps jeans on a Friday? Very professional, the way it is expected in corporate America. Unfortunately, your colleague dresses about the same way. If you look around, you’ll probably see that most people are dressed the same way. Quite comforting but it doesn’t make you stand out at all.

You might ask yourself now: why would I want to stand out? There’s a simple answer to that: because you want to be noticed. Not in a negative way of course. You don’t have to go walk around in your sweatpants. The trick is to get noticed while other people don’t even know why they notice you. So keep it simple. What you don’t want is to be referred to as ‘the woman with the weird hair colour’ or ‘the guy with the flashy tie’.

Another rule you might want to apply is: be consequent. Be recognizable by your look without people referring to your look. For example: if you would wear a dark red (never go for bright red) lipstick every day and you would change colours after a while, people might think there’s something different about you without being able to actually name the difference.

I cannot advise on what your signature look should be. It’s something different for everybody. But I can give you some tips on how to find your signature look.

  • Be aware of what looks good on you

If you cannot walk in heels, then a pair of killer heels is not your thing. And if you don’t like jewelry, don’t try to make big earrings your signature look.

  • Keep it simple

You don’t need to wear a red suit to get noticed. Keep it simple; wear a bright red scarf or a red lipstick. Never exaggerate. Your total look still needs to be classy, even though you’ve added a something edgy.

  • Don’t be a copycat

Find your own thing. Copying a signature look from a colleague is not a good idea. Not only will she notice, it might not suit you as well as it suits her. Refer to item 1. Use something that looks good on YOU.


Author: Careeristagirl

Career girl, living and working in a big city, trying to stand up in a man dominated office world!

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