How a 20-something girl keeps up in the daily office jungle


Perhaps I should start this blog with a little something about myself. I’m female, in my mid twenties, I’ve studied at an international university and I work for a top 100 company as an IT consultant. That doesn’t mean that I pass my days programming applications or formatting computers. Honestly, I don’t even know how to send a coded email or such. What I do know is how companies should set up security (as long as I don’t have to set up that firewall myself. That would be disastrous), how applications should look like and what data should be stored in there and how an IT process is designed. I’m someone who advises the clients of my company, which means that I’m usually never in the office but always on location at a client’s. Except for Friday’s, that’s when all consultants work at their own office buildings and join the office drinks at the end of the day.

I haven’t always lived in a big city like I do know. I wasn’t even born in this country. When I finished high school I just came here to study. And stayed… I met my boyfriend in college and we’re still together. I started working about 3 years ago and I only just recently joined the company where I work now. My previous jobs have been in IT consultancy too but for a smaller firm.

Anything else you need to know about me? Ask away! You can contact me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or via e-mail.


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