How a 20-something girl keeps up in the daily office jungle

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How to become an expert

Experts: they are being quoted in articles, co-host TV shows and advise you on how to do your job. But how did these people become experts in their field? And more important, how can you become an expert yourself? Continue reading



6 MUST DO’s to create a sustainable network

Did you know that more than 50% of job openings are filled, not by publishing a vacancy, but through an insider’s network? Whether you are job hunting, looking for new clients or trying to get promoted, the first people you turn to are the ones in your network. You start talking to family, friends and coworkers, hoping that they can give you a lead on anything they are aware of. But what if your network isn’t that big? Or what if your regular family/friends/college buddies pursue a completely different career? How do you collect people in your network who can actually mean something to your future career? Continue reading

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The crisis vs. your career: 0-1

Have you checked the paper this morning? I bet there was something in there about the financial crisis. Personally, I haven’t known the world before the financial crisis struck. I was still in college at that time and failing banks or foreclosures were the least of my worries. I did hear the stories about graduates having a hard time finding a job and people losing their jobs around the country. But in reality, I never had a problem finding a job when I finished college. Nor did I have a problem changing jobs since. Whenever someone asks me how to write a career plan in these times of crisis I tend to answer “Crisis? What crisis?” Continue reading


Being a woman

Every few days or weeks, while reading a paper/blog/article I stumble on to statistics about how hard it is for a woman to built a career while men seem to be able to have no problem at all.

Woman generally work in soft sectors and drop out of their career early to have kids. They are accused of going to university, not to develop themselves but to find a suitable husband. Consequently, woman earn less than their male equivalents and are seen as unreliable by employers. I once read an article in which a CEO confessed that he would not promote a woman in her early thirties because it is likely that she will be leaving the company to take care of her – not yet existing – kids shortly after. Continue reading

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First post

Well how exciting is it to write your first blog posts. It took me a while to figure out what this post would be about. Whenever you read about blogging, you’re being told that a blog should evolve around your passion. Whether it’s fashion, make-up, cooking, celebrities or knitting, as long as you are passionate about the subject, you can really write about it. Continue reading